Active involvement in the scientific community and education

The success of the event “Journées de la Chaire” show that, in contrast to 2008, the MPDD Chair’s ‘brand identity’ is now solidly established in academic, expertise and decision-making spheres. Building on this reputation, the Chair develops two types of initiative:

  • Organize scientific seminars open to national and international teams involved in different sectors of activity (energy, transport, agriculture, etc.) or in methodological aspects judged as critical (coupling, databases, calibration, uncertainty treatment, numerical methods). This work could involve joint productions with a broader scope than the two laboratories that make up the Chair.
  • Organize closed seminars on strategic exploration involving partners to analyze the results of prospective modeling on themes esteemed as strategic, following Chatham House Rules.

This measure in no way prevents the Chair from making a more vocal contribution to public debate by taking the initiative on important points independently from the political agenda. This could involve, for example, organizing exchanges with other modeling teams on the energy transition in France, in a way that avoids contradicting the validation of research in scientific journals. These events will be discussed and scheduled with the Chair’s partners.  
Lastly, the Chair will continue and boost its contribution to education on research and through research. This will mostly be done through extending the existing Energy Systems Optimization (OSE) Specialized Master’s Degree run by the CMA, by creating within the Environmental Economics, Sustainable Development and Energy (EEET, ex EDDEE) Master’s Degree (common to Ecole Polytechnique, Ecole des Ponts Paristech, MINES Paristech, AgroParistech, Paris Ouest, INSTN and EHESS) a top-level prospective modeling course for 10 to 15 students per year from the leading French universities. This course will be organized by CIRED for the academic year starting in 2014. Lessons, internships and research papers will play on complementary factors with the OSE specialized Master’s Degree, with systematic cross-fertilization of ideas in the two laboratories.
The EEET + OSE courses will provide the Chair with a hotbed of expertise, with the potential to identify talented students and thesis subjects of interest.