Research activities

Initial ambitions confirmes, solid foundations to build on

Based on the achievements of the first period of the Chair Modeling for Sustainable development, the two research teams, CMA and CIRED propose to reaffirm the Chair’s initial objectives by reformulating them as follows:

  • Build up a long-term prospective platform with the two teams to aid decision-making on economics-resources-climate and facilitate methodological progress in prospective work;
  • Inform debates on major sustainable development issues drawing from the combined expertise of the two teams, and from questions of general interest identified with the Chair’s partners, or questions specific to some of the partners;
  • Make the Chair into a scientific coordination center for national and international expertise on sustainable development and contribute to fostering a French community of producers and users of model-based prospective work.

The Chair MPDD confirms its ambition to develop a research Chair with a focus on devising methods, producing knowledge and building up skills.


The Program of Research Activities of Chair MPDD suggested by CMA and CIRED for the period 2014 - 2018 is as follows:

I - Consolidate the prospective tools platform

II - Four structuring programs

-        Demand dynamics: from usage to consumer behavior

-        Energy resource conflicts and alternative supplies

-        Transition management and short-term/long-term connections  

-        International background to sustainable development policies

III - Coordination of the scientific community and education