Impact of electric vehicles on the load curve

As part of the MEDEE-supported EV-STEP project, the CMA has developed a Load Profile Optimization Tool (EV-CAP) for a fleet of vehicles, an individual travel schedule, and in no time. mn on a typical day. This granularity is necessary to take account of the average duration of a displacement and to restore more faithfully the impact in terms of power demand.

The optimization results for several configurations feed back a knowledge base and a simulator (EV-Mixer) that allows a composite fleet to be rebuilt freely by combining the knowledge base data according to different levers. The main outputs are the power demand for an average vehicle in the fleet in steps of 15 minutes and a translation in terms of possible deformation of the total load curve of the Ile-de-France region. The continuation of this work within the framework of the chair allowed the realization of the Web version of this simulator which is proposed here freely with its manual of use.