Mode of governance of the Chair Modeling for sustainable development

The Chair Modeling for sustainable development was established under the leadership of its two co-founders, Nadia Maïzi (CMA/MINES ParisTech) and Jean-Charles Hourcade (CIRED/Ecole des Ponts ParisTech). Ils en sont les responsables.They are responsible.
To ensure the success of research, animations and training programs, as well as their consistency with the objectives and prerogatives of each of its partners, the Chair Modeling for sustainable development based on an organization involving them in guidance and direction bodies. A Monitoring Committee and Steering Committe were established to ensure the functioning and durability of the Chair.
The Steering Committee has the folowing missions:

  • The supervision and control of the activity of the Chair;
  • Approval of the annual budget submitted by the Monitoring Committee;
  • The adoption of new members in the Chair Modeling for sustainable development.

The Monitoring Committee has for missions:

  • The guidance of programs and activities of the Chair;
  • The preparation of documents and reports needed to monitor the activity;
  • The promotion of research conducted in the framework of the Chair;
  • The definition of a policy in terms of communication.

The main task of the Chair is to contribute to produce knowledge and methods in order to evaluate, quantify and manage the challenges related to energy-climate, and to perpetuate, around industrial and institutional partners, modeling tools as supports the prospective reflection on the issues of sustainable development. In addition to disseminating the progress of its research through various publications, and in order to build a strong force to facilitate decision-making in debates on scientific and technological issues related to this twice constraint, the Chair Modeling for sustainable development organizes and animates various conferences each year.