What about energy transitions on an international scale?

Annual Chair Conference - Prospective for Energy-Climate issues

Wednesday November 22nd, 2017 - 9:00am - 4:30pm

MINES ParisTech, 60 Boulevard Saint Michel, 75006 Paris (Rooms V111-V116)


Program of the conference:

Opening of the Conference by Nadia MAÏZI (director of the Center for Applied Mathematics) and Jean-Charles HOURCADE (director of recsearch at CIRED)

Demand - Resources - Transition - International : six contributions from long-term modeling exercises

  • Jules SCHERS (CIRED): The economic impacts of carbon tax revenue recycling in South Africa in a world with labour-saving technological change
  • Seungwoo KANG (CMA-MINES ParisTech): The response of Asian countries to the 2 degrees target
  • Salahedinne SOUMMANE (CIRED): Management of the oil rent and diversification facing climate change: focus on Saudi Arabia
  • Antoine BOUBAULT (CMA-MINES ParisTech): Critical raw materials in the TIAM-FR model
  • Simona de LAURETIS (CIRED): Lifestyles, energy and timetables: macro-micro prospective analysis
  • Ariane MILLOT (CMA-MINES ParisTech): Impacts of the energy transition for green growth Act on the French energy system: analysis with the TIMES-FR model

Speeches of the responsibles of the Chair Modeling for sustainable development: Nadia MAÏZI and Jean-Charles HOURCADE

Focus of the situation in France: Speech of Gilles CROQUETTE of the Directorate General for Energy and Climate of the Ministry of Ecological and Inclusive Transition

International energy transition: which changing dynamics?

  • The German model: Markus BLESL (IER, University of Stuttgart, Germany)
  • The Indian model: Subash DHAR (DTU, Denmark)
  • The Norwegian model: Kari ESPEGREN (IFE, Norway)
  • The Mexican model: Séverine CARREZ (Associated researcher at ASES-SC, France)

The vision of the energy transition for the Chair’s partners?